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Commoditization: the new "C" word in floor covering

Sometimes you write an article that really hits a hot button and the feedback is tremendous.  I've written about commoditization and the threat it poses to the flooring industry before but my most recent article written for Floor Covering News, Commoditization-the Silent Killer , has generated a lot of attention and discussion.  Even Steve Feldman, Floor Covering News publisher, referred to commoditization as the new "c" word "  when he wrote about "everyone and their mother attempting to join the party with their version of click systems." I wanted to share it with our readers and get your feedback. Here is the article just as it appeared in Floor Covering New's January 21/28 Surfaces issue. Commoditization-the Silent Killer I just returned from Domotex 2013 in Germany and am both excited and concerned for the flooring industry.  Excited because of the innovations I saw in every product category and concerned for fear that they will become absor