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Getting Started: Social Media For Floor Covering Businesses

Christine B. Whittemore - Getting Started: Social Media For Floor Covering Businesses
Getting started with social media can be overwhelming, particulary if you're already feeling pressed for time just to deal with normal floor covering business priorities.

At the same time, ignoring it isn't wise because social media tools aren't going away, customers have adopted them and flooring businesses aren't immune to the digital and social forces affecting us all.

If you don't believe me, check out Erik Qualman's hot-off-the-press update 3 of his Social Media Revolution video.

[Subscribers, click on this link to view Social Media Revolution 3 Video on YouTube.]

Luckily, more and more in the floor covering industry have been paying attention. They are becoming more digitally immersed with tools such as blogs [see Social Flooring Blog Index - April 2011 which refers to 168 vs. 88 blogs], Facebook Fan pages, LinkedIn and Twitter, and also more engaged in the conversations taking place [see Social Flooring Index Conversations - April 11].

In the process of becoming digitally immersed and socially engaged, many are discovering that the tools of social media can help attract customers. Not only does having a presence online on blogs and in social networks help raise awareness of their flooring businesses, but it also allows these flooring professionals to realize efficiences from being able to answer online customer questions about flooring.

Furthermore, trust-building with customers can begin before they even step through a business' doors - which means they're more likely to buy than simply kick the tires some more.

Social tools allow businesses to get found by new customers, thereby generating relevant customer leads, building relationships with those leads and eventually converting them to customers. In other words, social media can definitely support lead generation, the topic of my recent presentation at MarketingProfs B2B Forum 2011.

Before reaching that point, though, it matters to get started with social media.

If you're serious about getting started, consider downloading my new Top Ten Tip Sheet for Getting Started with Social Media. It will help you manage what might otherwise seem too overwhelming to even consider.

If you're still holding back, will you let me know why in the comments?

Christine B. Whittemore
Chief Simplifier - Simple Marketing Now


  1. It's absolutely right that now a days social medias are playing a vital role in the field of marketing. So,the flooring industry should come forward and adopt the new digital version of marketing. It's time to spreading flooring industry via twitter, Facebook and so on.

  2. Social media is great for home improvement products, once past a certain age people discuss it all the time!


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