Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Axminster icon, Brintons Carpet, in default

Jim Gould
Comment on News.
Brintons Carpets is in default of their covenants with Lloyds Banking Group according to a recent article published in the British Business Sale Report  (British Carpet business seeking a white knight).

Brintons was a formidable competitor when I was a wholesale distributor of Mohawk Carpet supplying national chains like Wendy's, Bob Evans, Hyatt Hotels and others. This nearly 230 year old company managed by the sixth generation of the founders is based in Kidderminster, England. It has a brilliant history and was once the leader of pattern axminster carpet production globally. In America, their strength was in woven axminster carpet for the commercial market; in the UK and Europe patterned residential carpet was their largest market.  Late in the 20th century, Brintons purchased the Mohawk axminster plant in Greenville, Mississippi from Sam Silver.  Sam, an ex-Vice President of Mohawk, had purchased the plant from David Kolb and named it US Axminster. For a long time the Greenville Mill owned by Mohawk, US Ax and finally Brintons, was the only manufacturer of patterned axminster carpets in America. That plant was eventually closed and the equipment was sent abroad.

Technology improvements in carpet printing, color placement tufters, lower manufacturing costs of tufting, and carpet's shrinking market share have impacted Brintons and other manufacturers of woven carpets. I am still convinced that for performance and beauty, nothing beats an axminster. I hope that Brintons is able to weather this storm and continue their long history of making well styled, high quality and beautiful carpets for many future generations.


  1. This is indeed a sad state of affairs for the UK flooring industry, but not an unexpected one.

    One only has to look at the interiors of homes for sale on UK directories like, to see how prevalent hard flooring has become.

    Although this has been to our benefit, I agree that a beautiful Axminster carpet is hard to beat in the right setting.

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  3. It is a sad state of affairs. This has now obviously been exacerbated by the sad news coming out of Ax minster themselves now. Fingers crossed this great institution can be saved and a viable future found going forward.