Friday, January 14, 2011

Flooring shows - Domotex, Surfaces, Coverings, and Domtex Asia - inspire and inform us

Like many in the floor covering industry this week, Jim Gould, (the Institute's founder and leader), is on his way to Hannover to attend DOMOTEX, the world's largest floor covering show. He never tires of this trip and thinks of it as a great treasure hunt. Of course there was that discussion this week on our Facebook page about the all important, traditional eating of schweinoxen in Hannover, but I digress. While he is gone, I am working on the next events - Surfaces, Coverings, the Wood Flooring Forum and Domotex Asia - all places that bring the industry together, inspire and inform us, and fuel the supply channels with exciting new things.  Here's a peek at what we are planning for these events.

As Christine Whittemore posted earlier this week, she and several of our members will hold education seminars at Surfaces - 10 presentation in all.  On Tuesday, Jim will discuss Environmental Laws that Impact Your Business.  Did you know that all composite wood products sold in the US will soon have to meet CARB II standards?  Are your installers certified to work in older homes where lead paint is present?   Read more of his thoughts on the Surfaces blog site, and you can register here.

Later on Tuesday he'll discuss the status of the global flooring markets at the Floor Covering Inspectors Symposium organized by the Textile Consultants and Lew Migliore of LGM and Associates (and also an FCI consultant).  He'll also address a passion of his - turning claims into an opportunity and, how to reduce claims by establishing ground rules before products are ever delivered.  Anyone involved in inspections or managing claims should attend the symposium; all product categories will be covered and education credits apply.   Learn more or register here.

Four of the FCI group including Jim Gould, Donato Pompo (Ceramic Tile and Stone Consultants), Stuart Hirschhorn (Catalina Reports) and Mitch Dancik (Dancik International) will team up to present Economic Strategies to Boost Ceramic Tile and Stone Sales and Profits on Monday, March 14th at Coverings. Strategies for positioning your business in the current market is the focus of this panel presentation.

Never one to let grass grow under his feet, Jim will jet off to Shanghai  just days after Coverings to oversee the Wood Flooring Forum and attend DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR.

One day before Asia's largest floor covering show opens, the Wood Flooring Forum will present an overview of opportunities and obstacles in the wood flooring industry under the theme of "Forces of Change." Jim is Strategic Director of the WFF and  his goal this year is to help the host country create a more intimate setting where participants can discuss topics face to face with experts. Breakout sessions will be presented in two tracks; one for an Eastern audience and one for Western. PowerDekor (China's largest flooring retailer) and CCA Global Partners will define the marketing and sales approaches in their respective retail channels, which are vastly different. Other subjects include envirornmental and sustainability requirements and trends in major markets, and defining the market opportunities. We also expect to include an update on the ITC investigation. The UN's International Year of Forests will be introduced to the industry.  

The WFF is co-organized by China's National Forest Products Industry Association, China's government directed group that oversees all of its forest related industries.  They are enthusiastic hosts. If you have specific requests please forward them to us. We will post more about the topics in the coming weeks but for now I hope anyone planning to attend Domotex Asia will arrive in time to participate in this unique event the day before.  To register, please contact or for more detail send us an email inquiry:

Domotex Asia, sister show to Domotex Hannover, is Asia's largest floor covering show and the second largest in the world with 1,000 exhibitors and 40,000 visitors last year. Set in the backdrop of China's burgeoning economy, DOMOTEX Asia/ CHINAFLOOR has become the gateway to what is quickly becoming the largest floor covering market in the world. This year's show is shaping up to the be the largest the Asia Pacific Region has ever hosted. It opens one day after the WFF at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. I will attend the show for the first time this year and am anxious to see what people keep saying is an amazing event.  Read: Domotex Asia set to "floor the world."
This year the show is placing emphasis on "Innovation and Respect for Nature" and we expect to see some exciting new things.

We hope to see many of you at Surfaces, Coverings, the WFF and Domotex Asia!


Susan Negley is Director of Communications for the Floor Covering Institute

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