Thursday, March 25, 2010

Welcome Carpet One Retailers to the Floor Covering Institute Blog Site

We are always happy to see new readers and that happened recently in a noticeable way when Carpet One retailers started visiting the Floor Covering Institute blogsite in large numbers.  You got my attention - it's hard not to notice when Carpet One does something in unison. I determined that you were linking in from your own where your webmaster had placed Lew Migliore's post about moisture in concrete. You should know that Lew is preparing another post about moisture problems in hard wood flooring plaguing retailers.  Look for that post very soon.

From the analytics behind the scenes (they tell how many visitors come to the site, what they read, how long they stay, etc) I could see that our new visitors also read Chris Ramey's post on Lumber Liquidators, Jim Gould's post on avoid cash traps, my post on retailers selling solutions, Stuart Hirschhorn's recent post on statistics and the industry recovery, among many others.  We are pleased you found the content here interesting.  It would be most helpful to me as editor, to know what topics you would like to hear more about.   In fact, I'd really like all of our readers to respond to this question:

What are the top two industry related issues that keep you up at night?  

You'll notice at times that even members of our own consulting team do not agree on every topic...that is part of the reality of speaking with an independent voice.  We do not have an agenda, other than to communicate and share information and opinion. We want this site to be a place for the industry to explore important topics and that makes receiving input from our readers very important.

It's a small industry, we know many of you personally and you know us.  It feels like talking with friends and you are welcome here any time!

Susan Negley

To comment or respond to my question,  simply look below where you see "Posted by the Floor Covering Institute" followed by a link to comments.

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