Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Welcome to the Floor Covering Institute Blog!

Floor Covering InstituteWelcome to the Floor Covering Institute's Blog - our platform for sharing thoughts about issues in the floor covering industry.

The Floor Covering Institute [FCI] is composed of distinguished and seasoned floor covering industry veterans: Stuart Hirschhorn, Lew Migliore, Chris Ramey, Carl Ruland, Christine Whittemore, David Wootton and myself, Jim Gould. We are each respected experts with a focus that complements the other.

I officially formed FCI in 2007, after leaving CCA Global Partners. I wanted to consult with a variety of companies facing all kinds of challenges using a set of skills I had developed over the years owning and managing Misco Shawnee, Color Tile and Distribution Services Inc. By surrounding myself with others who have distinguished themselves in the floor covering industry, I knew we could help a variety of clients on a wide range of issues.

During my 40 years in business, I marveled at the power of networking. One person has a question or a problem and invariably someone else has the answer; the issue was always connecting the right person for each question. My career and my companies would not have been successful had I relied strictly on my own knowledge and expertise and now my clients deserve nothing less.

Many industry friends and associates have expertise complementary to mine. Combining them under one umbrella and offering a group of individuals with a range of expertise not only appealed to me but seemed more honest; one person cannot be expert in everything. A group could sincerely say, if you have a question, “WE” have the answer. I have always respected the level of knowledge, experience and wisdom of others in our industry and this was my chance to partner with them.

That's the Floor Covering Institute.

Like our industry, the Floor Covering Institute is international with David living half of the time in the UK, Carl living in Germany and the rest of us in the U.S.. Our clients, likewise, are domestic and international with the common thread being the floor covering industry. The group’s expertise covers everything from marketing to market statistics; from raw material sourcing to inventory liquidation; from global strategies to claim resolution. If it involves floor covering, we can help or find the person who can.

This blog offers us a platform for sharing thoughts about issues in our industry. Have a question about anything involving floor covering and we will try to respond quickly. We hope our readers will also weigh in with their opinions. Something more private? Send us an email and your confidentiality will be respected.

Now for the fine print, some quick housekeeping points:

• The views expressed here represent our own personal views and not those of our individual companies. However, we are experts in our fields and eager to share that expertise with you.

• This blog is about open conversation and honest communication. Please keep the conversation relevant to the general interest of all readers, maintain respect for everyone involved (no matter the circumstance), and offer comments that add value and depth to the conversation.

• We will moderate comments, and reserve the right to exclude any offensive or irrelevant posts. However, we would rather that conversation flow freely. So, please be respectful and simply think before you type. We promise to do the same, and although we may not be able to respond to every comment, we’ll do our best to do so in a thoughtful and timely manner.

• We also request that you not post private information [e.g., a phone number or address] as this is a public forum.

• We will not share any subscription information with outside parties. We may try to email you, though, for additional clarification. And, we may refer to your comments in subsequent blog posts.

Given these guidelines, we look forward to robust discussions about the global flooring marketplace!

~ Jim Gould for The Floor Covering Institute

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